Visions of 2050

25 Aug 2020

While 2050 may seem a long way off at the moment, it is clear that the changes we make now are important in shaping our future and what life will ‘look like’ for the next generation, and the one to follow that.

To help us start thinking about the legacy we’re leaving behind and the future we want to build, Lantra Scotland and Jane Craigie Marketing are running a competition to find out what people think life on the land (or water) in Scotland will look like in thirty years’ time.

The challenge is open to anyone, and as well as a prize of £300 for the winning entry, the ideas of all of those who are shortlisted will be published and shared so that others can ‘see’ their vision too.

Lantra Scotland’s director, Liz Barron-Majerik, explained:

“The only thing that we’re asking is that the visions people share with us should be based in rural Scotland in 2050, but other than that we’re open-minded about the format.

“It can be a fictional story, though would have to be unpublished, original, and under 4000 words; it can be poetry of up to 40 lines, blogs or articles of up to 2000 words and even include jpg images. We’d also welcome short films, shot on digital in landscape format.

“We encourage submissions from individuals and teams associated with land-based and aquaculture organisations, specialised institutions, colleges and universities and charities. Essentially, anyone with a vision of what life in Scotland might be like in 2050.”

Jane Craigie of Jane Craigie Marketing said: “The pandemic has created a lot of challenges for rural places, but it also gives us all the opportunity to step back and rethink what the future of rural places, businesses and life might look like. This will take imagination and bravery and we think now is a really important moment to share our personal vision and hopes for how we live our lives; and to debate what different looks like.”

Entries will be judged by a panel and evaluated on originality and future vision.

Deadline for entries is 5pm on 30th September 2020.

You can get some inspiration on what life might be like in 2050 at

For full details of the competition, see