New products from BASF at Focus Fruit 2022

7 Jun 2022

R&D manufacturer, BASF, is previewing two new products for the fruit industry, Revysol® and Nemaslug® 2.0, at this year’s Fruit Focus taking place at NIAB EMR, Kent on 13th July 2022.

Revysol® is renowned in the cereal sector for offering highly effective broad-spectrum control of diseases and is awaiting approval for use in the fruit sector. Nemaslug 2.0 is a highly effective biological control for slugs.

“For decades, BASF has committed investment into research and development of solutions that support the sustainable production of high-quality fruit,” explains BASF speciality market manager, Matt Goodson. “That work is now coming to fruition with the Revysol® and Nemaslug® launches on the horizon. It is a continuation of a strong pipeline of products coming to market.”

“There is increasing pressure for effective pest and disease control in fruit and vegetable crops, but there is also more legislation and higher consumer demands for quality produce with low residues. It is why we have been working hard to develop biological products, alongside our more traditional products, in the speciality sector.”

Nemaslug® 2.0 contains Phasmarhabditis californica nematodes and is highly effective against all common species of slugs. It is easily applied through irrigation systems or sprayers. Nemaslug® 2.0 offers flexibility. For strawberry growers, for example, Nemaslug® 2.0 eliminates the risk of accidentally picking up pellets during harvest, yet enables applications to table tops, around housing and between beds.

Revysol®, the branded active in BASF’s latest fungicide for fruit, is proving highly effective against a range of fungal diseases in both top and stone fruit, including DMI shifted apple scab, apple powdery mildew, pear rust and pear scab. “By preventing fungal infections and reducing early mycelium development, Revysol® offers preventative and curative activity,” explains Mr Goodson. “Its efficacy is independent of temperature and it has good rainfastness too. Together these properties open application windows for growers.”

The new products come just two years after the launch of Serifel®, a protectant biological fungicide based on Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain MBI600 and for the reduction of Botrytis on most protected fruits including strawberries. “It can be integrated into a programme with Charm® (fluxapyroxad) in strawberries when in addition to controlling botrytis, we have found it also offers useful powdery mildew control,” notes Mr Goodson.

For more information, visit stand 14 where experts from BASF’s team will be on-hand to discuss the new products and existing products in the portfolio.