Jane to host free webinar bringing together young people from across the world

8 Jul 2020

Seven young farmers’ from across the world share their view on what next for food and farming during a free webinar on Friday 10 July between 14.00 and 16.00 BST.

The Road Ahead will travel to Australia, Scotland, the Netherlands, Canada, Argentina and Sweden. Join us on Friday to find out what they have to say

Australia: Emma Ayliffe – Chair of the Young Farmers’ Champions Program and director, consultant and researcher with Summit Ag.

Scotland: Colin Ferguson – Dairy farmer, former NFU Scotland Next Generation Chair and current NFU Scotland Dumfries and Galloway Chairman.

Netherlands: Marije Klever – Dairy farmer, involved with NAJK, the Dutch young farmers union.

Canada: Stephanie Maynard – Past-President and Treasurer of the International Agritourism Association, and Vice-President of Expo Ormstown.

South Africa: Breyton Milford- Cape of Good Hope Agricultural Society Operations Manager, National Agricultural Youth Society Chairman & Royal Agricultural Society of the Commonwealth Trustee.

Argentina: Pedro Vigneau – Fifth-generation farmer and part of the Global Farmer Network.

Sweden: Simon Wancke – Vice President of CEJA, the European Council of Young Farmers.

Webinar Chair: Jane Craigie – CEO Jane Craigie Marketing, Rural Youth Project Director & executive board member of the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists.

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WORLD CLOCK: This webinar will take place from 14.00 to 16.00 BST. If you are not in the UK, click here to view the world clock so you don’t miss it.