Businesses and individuals who are driving innovation and supporting future advancements in the UK agricultural sector are invited to apply to BASF for Collaboration

22 May 2024

Following the success in 2023, BASF UK and Ireland have re-launched their Innovation Collaboration Day, an event which calls for start-ups and scale-up innovators to apply for investment to develop their concept.

The worldwide manufacturer has a strong history of investing in research and development, bringing many new products and solutions to the market that support food production, sustainability, biodiversity and the environment.

This year, as part of Innovation Collaboration Day 2024, they are looking for innovators who are working to deliver precision and digital applications, genetic editing, crop production or plant health and resilience.

BASF is looking to establish long-term relationships with bespoke investments offered to suit successful candidates in the form of mentoring, marketing, financial support and collaboration on scaling to accessing new networks and research.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to a pitching day, where they will present their concept and provide insight into how it will help advance the future of agriculture.

Glaia Ltd, who applied in 2023, produce a biostimulant that uses unique, carbon-based nanotechnologies to unlock the real potential of photosynthesis and maximise global food production. Commenting on the event, CEO Dr David Benito-Alifonso said,

“Our photosynthetic promoters allow plants to utilise more light, increasing crop yields and enabling more sustainable agriculture practices. There’s no silver bullet that can solve the climate crisis, but we believe that the support of corporations like BASF is key to accelerating the adoption of game-changing technologies like ours.”

Whilst the Innovation Collaboration Day is only in its second year, BASF has been investing in land-based, embryonic start-ups and entrepreneurs for decades. Rob Gladwin, Head of Technical Management for Agricultural Solutions, UK & Ireland will be part of the review panel this year.

“To ensure the agricultural sector remains competitive and vibrant within the UK and Ireland, we need to continue to bring new solutions and ideas to the market, and the best way to do that is by working collaboratively through partnerships, such as the ones we create at BASF.

“We are facing significant business and political change, with our sector implementing new techniques to ensure we are more efficient than ever, whilst also taking into consideration the many external factors that are out with our control such as the weather, consumer demands and trade.

“This is an opportunity to be at the forefront of this change, and to help shape the future of UK agriculture. Whether you are in the very early stages or have been working on a project for a few years, we are keen to hear from you.”

To find out more visit the BASF website. Applications close on 31 May 2024 with shortlisting taking place in August and the pitch day in September. Please contact for further support.