Vayo®: Revylutionising Scab Control

3 Nov 2023

Vayo®’s first season proves its value with trials, and on-farm experiences, demonstrating unrivalled efficacy throughout the season.

BASF brought its renowned active, Revysol® to the fruit sector earlier this year with the new protectant fungicide, Vayo®. It is formulated for use on apples and pears, offers control on both scab and powdery mildew, and has strengths against scab strains which harbour resistance to triazoles.

“What sets Vayo apart is its performance in high-pressure conditions, broad spectrum disease control and persistence,” says BASF Business Development Manager, Rob Storer.  “Its rainfastness ensures that it remains effective even when the weather takes an unpredictable turn, and that makes Vayo a reliable and valuable tool in the grower’s arsenal.”

These attributes have been key to the products success this year, with prolonged wet weather creating challenges for growers as Maria Tzortzi, BASF Agronomy Manager explains: “Scab likes wet conditions so the pressure has been very high this year. The weather has also made timing applications difficult, with growers struggling to find windows to apply treatments.”

Despite the difficulties, Vayo® has performed well.

“The feedback from agronomists has been very good – fundamentally, it works.  In comparison with difenoconazole, agronomists and farm managers have noticed Vayo reduces scab on the leaves and, later in the season, is more persistent with regards to fruit scab,” says Maria.

In on-farm trials in Kent, Maria observed difenoconazole breaking down while Vayo® continued to protect the crop.

“Growers and agronomists noted how important the new product will be with some scab strains developing resistance to difenoconazole and its efficacy dropping. Not only will it help to protect crops from the disease, but where it is used as part of a programme, it’ll protect difenoconazole and slow the development of resistance.”

For Rob, this season has highlighted many of Vayo®’s strengths.  “Unlike other triazoles, it’s not so impacted by cooler temperatures, meaning it is a much more flexible option for growers and is particularly useful in a season like this one.

“With issues like climate change and disease resistance, success in the fruit sector hinges on innovation and adaptability. Vayo is testament to BASF’s dedication to both, supporting growers and helping them produce top-quality fruits.”