Scottish Ministers approve an increase in QMS’ levy rates

13 Mar 2024

Following extensive consultation with industry stakeholders and dialogue with QMS levy payers at a series of winter workshops, the QMS board requested that Mairi Gougeon, the Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs, Land Reform and Islands, approve an increase in QMS’ levy rates.  As per the requirements of the QMS order, the Scottish Ministers have now approved this request. A levy rise, based on CPIH from January 23- January 24 of 6.8% will therefore be implemented for processors and producers, from 1 April 2024. Thereafter, QMS are proposing that levy increases will revert to annual increases in line with the CPIH index. This marks the first time that QMS has requested a change to the levy in 13 years. As presented at the winter workshops, the increase will ensure our financial model remains sustainable and that QMS remains fit to support Scotland’s iconic Scotch brands, promotional work and market development, both here in the UK and internationally. This levy setting mechanism will be reviewed at the end of the five years as part of future consultation on strategy at that time.

Commenting on the announcement, Kate Rowell, Chair of QMS said: “‘We are pleased that Scottish Ministers have approved the levy increase which will ensure continuation of the work that QMS has committed to prioritising for farmers and processors across Scotland. The new rates will allow us to invest in our key activities underpinning our vision to make Scotland THE choice for premium red meat, during a critical time for all businesses. QMS will continue to proactively engage with the whole red meat chain as we navigate the future together, and look forward to showcasing some of our new work streams over the coming months.’