Revystar® XE, now available for use in sugar beet

1 Jun 2023

Revystar® XE (Revysol® + Xemium®), the proven and reliable cereal fungicide from BASF is now available, through label extension, for use in sugar beet. A welcome new addition to the sugar beet fungicide armoury, Revystar® XE gives excellent long-lasting control of the four key sugar beet diseases in the UK; Cercospora, Powdery mildew, Rust and Ramularia, resulting in the highest yields.

Both actives, Revysol® and Xemium®,  in Revystar® XE’s well-balanced formulation contribute to disease control. Revysol® has good activity on all beet diseases, especially Powdery mildew and Xemium® improves control of Rust, Ramularia and Cercospora and adds to the yield response.

Iain Ford, Business Development Manager BASF said “The RevYlution has come to sugar beet. Revystar® XE is a first-class new fungicide product for the crop which is stronger on disease control than competitor products.

Revystar® XE will control Cercospora, potentially the most damaging disease of sugar beet. This disease can cause up to 50% yield loss and although as yet it does not occur frequently in the UK, changing weather patterns may make it more of an issue in the near future.

Revystar® XE also gives excellent control of the UK’s most prevalent and frequently occurring diseases, Powdery mildew and Rust, which if left untreated can account for approximately 25% and 12% yield loss respectively.”

Applied at the first sign of disease, Revystar ®  XE,  gives the best and most persistent  disease control. A maximum number of two applications can be made allowing a 14-day interval between treatments.

In addition to excellent disease control, Revystar® XE keeps the leaves greener for longer, increasing yield and quality.

Mr Ford said, “Strong greening effects are seen on the leaves even where disease levels are relatively low. This maintenance of green leaf area allows plants to photosynthesise for longer, put sugar into their roots and improve yield quality.”

Mrs Lisa Hulshof, Market Manager for Sugar beet added, ‘We’re delighted to be bringing new innovation to the beet market. The registration of Revystar ®  XE is just the start of our investment and commitment to this market, with many more solutions in our development pipeline’.

Mrs Hulshof goes on to say, ‘Revystar ®  XE will be available for farmers to use this season, helping them to protect their beet in what could potentially be a high disease year’.