The Oxford Farming Conference

The Oxford Farming Conference (OFC) is a conference and thought-leadership organisation focused on the UK agricultural industry. It attracts a diverse delegation from British agriculture, and in addition to its annual conference held every January, it hosts satellite events and debates, and promotes strong youth and leadership engagement and international outreach. The OFC aims to remain at the forefront of progress in agriculture and to attract young, dynamic people to engage with it and attend its events.

JCM’s role is to engage as many of the agri-food industry, from farmers to food buyers, young farmer organisations to lawyers and politicians, throughout the year, not just at or in the run up to the conference, positioning the OFC as a thought-leader and forum for valuable debate and discussion. The aim is to drive engagement, referrals and conversion, particularly targeting the younger generation.

The demographic is broad, as is the range of interests, so the challenge for JCM is to keep the content varied, interesting, relative and fresh, in a variety of media. JCM’s strategy for this project is to use an energetic digital marketing programme underpinned by traditional PR and media relations.

We work with farmers, speakers and attendees to create film and digital assets for a consistent, integrated social media marketing programme, we create and send newsletters, and we work with agricultural and mainstream media to bring the OFC into press features and broadcast interviews to raise the profile of the organisation in various forms and to different audiences.

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