Online industry workshop concludes strategy and levy consultation

15 Jan 2024

In recent weeks, levy payers from Orkney to Lauder have been given the chance to hear how QMS plans to deliver its five-year strategy and make the country the choice for premium red meat.

Over a dozen workshops have taken place across the country, bringing together members to see how the first levy increase in more than a decade will help QMS to continue to support and further develop Scotland’s red meat supply. The final event, an online discussion and review, will be held at 12.30pm on 24 January 2024 and is open to all members.

The agenda of the online workshop mirrors the physical events, with online participants hearing about QMS’s five-year strategy with insights into current marketing activities and the impact of first levy increase in over a decade. Importantly, members can submit questions before the event and an open floor session will allow members to provide feedback during the workshop.

Kate Rowell Chair of QMS has attended many of the events and said: “It has been really important to give our members the opportunity to have their say on what they would like to see from the strategy.

“We have seen a diverse range of farmers join us, and the depth of meaningful discussions has been very encouraging, with people asking questions and seeking to get under the surface of what we do.

“At the workshops, we have discussed the delivery of our strategy and, as agreed by the QMS board, a proposed levy increase to fund this vital work. So far, attendees have recognised that with costs increasing, a protected budget is needed to realise the ambitions set out in our strategy.”

To continue to deliver good value for money and integral support to Scotland’s red meat supply chain, as well as to ensure that rising costs are managed, QMS has proposed a new mechanism for setting the levy from Spring 2024, adding a small CPI linked rise each year to ensure the financial model remains sustainable. The mechanism will be reviewed at the end of the five years, to ensure it remains fit for purpose.