Fearn’s ‘Great from Grass’ Ram Sale Celebrates Another Triumphant Year

2 Sep 2021

Innovative livestock farmers, the Scott Family of Fearn Farm, Ross-Shire successfully hosted their tenth “Great from Grass” breeding sheep sale on Friday 27th August 2021.

The sale which included a range of Aberfield, Texel, Beltex, Sufftex and, NZ Suffolk rams and gimmers saw buyers from all over the UK purchase stock via the Yourbid system, with some attending the sale on-farm. Having adopted the online Helmsman auction system for sheep and bull sales during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Scott’s were keen to see how the format would deliver under more normal circumstances.

John said: “we were delighted with the way the sale went, both in terms of the prices we received and the level of clearance, given that we had more sheep forward than ever before.”

126 of Fearn’s grass-fed rams went for an average of £815, with 331 gimmers being sold at an average of price of £169.

A Texel ram by Glenway Boris achieved the top price of £2000 whilst £195 was achieved for a pen of Aberfield cross gimmers, sired by homebred Aberfield rams.

As the only Innovis Aberfield breeding partner in Scotland, the Scott family endeavoured to experiment with new genetics and standardise the flock, partnering with the leading UK supplier of sheep-breeding technologies since 2014.

As evidence through the sale with a top price of £1500, Fearn Aberfield rams have gone on to thrive on commercial farms and crofts all over the country, following their growth on a forage-based diet.

The ability to offer a hybrid sales model was important to John and his family, who provide videos, and genetic data online ahead of the sale.

“It was great to see people in person, enjoying the relaxed atmosphere and interacting with the YourBid format. But it was equally important that the sale was accessible to everyone, so individuals could join from their computer or phone at home, without the extra travel. The ease of the bidding system allowed us to deliver the hybrid format without compromising the quality of the sale and ensuring our animals can go to support flocks right across the UK.

Preparations for next year’s sale are of course underway already with an excellent selection of ram lambs born in 2021, and our annual sale of beef shorthorns will take place in January using the same bidding format”

Although gimmers achieved a 100% clearance, on this occasion, not all rams found a new home. For anyone wishing to enquire about the remaining Aberfield and NZ Suffolk stock, please contact John on 07770 863506.


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