Cultivating a bright future: Rural communications agency expands with two new recruits who have farming in their jeans. 

9 Apr 2024

By Jane Craigie

Rural and agrifood businesses desire to tell their stories has led to two new appointments at a sector-specialist communications agency.

Katie Insch has an interesting backstory, leaving home as a teenager to work for the Royal Household at both Balmoral and Buckingham Palace, then marrying a farmer and completing a degree in Rural Business Management – graduating the year she had her fourth child.

Not to be outdone on the bursting biography front, Lois Campbell is a Registered Veterinary Nurse (RVN). A farmer’s daughter with a keen passion to support agriculture through social media and sharing creative content, Lois has worked alongside Jane Craigie, founder of Jane Craigie Marketing (JCM), to see if communications was the career for her before joining the team last year on a permanent basis. Her technical, veterinary knowledge feeds in well to JCM’s client work, which includes businesses in red meat, poultry, and livestock.

“I absolutely love it – I knew I had a place in agriculture somewhere – it’s definitely the right career change for me. I have kept my hand in as an RVN one day a week, continuing to care for animals, clients and the team I work with,” explains Lois.

While Katie will work as an Account Manager, servicing the management and smooth running for JCM’s impressive client list, which includes the likes of BASF, ABP, QMS and the Oxford Farming Conference, Lois’s role is as an Account Executive and trainee staff writer with a strong focus supporting digital activity. She is currently combining her work with studying for a foundation course in marketing.

Rebecca Dawes, who last year became a partner in JCM after seven years with the team, said growing staff numbers was a direct result of the importance the food and farming sector now puts on effective communication.

“Nowadays it’s not enough for businesses to simply do a good job. The rural and agrifood sector has been especially forward-thinking in realising they need to tell their stories through effective marketing, communications and a strong story,” explained Rebecca, adding that the company is proud of the interesting personalities and agrifood knowledge that it has on its team.

“Communications is a people business, and you couldn’t want to meet a more personable pair than Katie and Lois. They have already made a big impression on our team, and I am sure our clients will love working with them.”

36-year-old Katie left home at 17 to live and work at Balmoral Estate, moving on to Buckingham Palace before becoming homesick and returning to her native Aberdeenshire.

Her husband Jimmy converted a steading on his grandparents’ smallholding and to support their application for some start-up funding Katie enrolled at the SRUC to complete an honours degree in Rural Business Management.

“It turned out I absolutely loved the course and although it was hard work with having the children it really inspired me to pursue a career within a business environment,” says Katie, who joins the JCM team from Aberdeenshire Council, where she has, most recently, been a Policy Officer in the Business Strategy Team.

“I am really looking forward to working with the different clients as well as the lovely team at JCM,” added Katie, whose hobbies include cooking, the local food scene, watching rugby, reading, music and volunteering at her children’s school.

27-year-old Lois who lives in Turriff, Aberdeenshire, spends spare time away from work with her family. She is keen on outdoor activities, spending much time hiking, swimming and wakeboarding.

“I also love horses and sometimes ride mine into work, which just goes to show what a dream place JCM is to work,” smiles Lois.

“Cooking and baking using local ingredients is central to my life as is farming, animals and the countryside. High points so far at JCM have been the work with the wonderful committee at Turriff Show and attending the Oxford Farming Conference in January. It is brilliant to see the great interaction we achieve with our social media work, especially for the wellbeing programme Farmstrong Scotland.”


Jane is a Chartered Marketer with over 25 years’ experience in marketing within the agri-food sector. She is a member of the executive board of the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists and the council of the British Guild of Agricultural Journalists. Jane is a graduate of the IAgrM and Scottish Enterprise Rural Leadership Programmes, is a Windsor Leadership Alumna and a Waitangi Scholar. Board member for Lantra and a Professional Agriculturalist (P.Agric) and RingLink Scotland. Jane is a Director and co-founder of the Rural Youth Project.