BASF’s Biggest Job on Earth campaign tackles the big topics

19 Dec 2022

In an effort to tackle some of farming’s biggest challenges, BASF’s Biggest Job on Earth campaign will start 2023 with a session at the Oxford Farming Conference (OFC).


Farmers from home and abroad will be speaking about balancing the need to produce high-quality food and care for the natural environment, for future generations, in an OFC breakfast session on Friday 6th January.


“Feeding an ever-growing population, conserving nature, economic uncertainty and responding to a changing climate – there has never been a more challenging time for farming, farmers, and our industry and that’s why BASF believes farming is the biggest job on earth,” says Mia Belfield, BASF Marketing Communications Manager.

“Our campaign, Farming, the Biggest Job on Earth, provides a platform for those within the industry to share their stories and advocate for UK agriculture at a time when we need it the most.”

The OFC session follows a 2022 campaign which saw the BASF team take the Biggest Job on Earth funfair stand out on the road to industry and consumer events and launch a successful podcast series that tells farmers’ stories and the reality of what they do.

“Crafted with as much emotional connection and consciousness that farmers share with their land, the podcast brings farmers to the fore to talk about the simple and the more complex aspects of farming,” explains Mia.  “It’s accessible tone and style makes it an immersive listen whether you’re involved in agriculture, or not.”


In the first episode, host Jane Craigie told the story of bread, talking with farmers and bakers shortly after this year’s harvest. Next the podcast tackled the big issue of mental health with farmer, Ben Taylor Davies explaining his experiences after his youngest child had a life changing accident. Lydia Slack discusses ‘coming out’ as a young adult from a farming family and their journey to acceptance and allyship and Jude McCann, who heads up the charity the Farming Community Network explores support available for farmers and families during difficult business and personal times.


“It’s a powerful episode which explores tackling challenges, having difficult conversations and looking after our wellbeing,” says Mia.


The most recent episode celebrates the holiday season, exploring the highs and lows of supplying food for the festive period with three farming families, and an emotional conversation with Katya, an agricultural economist who escaped Ukraine as a refugee just after the invasion in February 2022 and will return to Kyiv to be with her family for Christmas.


“This episode encapsulates the time, energy and effort that goes into preparing what’s on our plates during the festive season,” comments Mia. “It brings home the need to cherish the family, friends and food that we all have during any festive period.’

To listen to the podcast series, visit:

The Biggest Job on Earth sessions at the Oxford Farming Conference is open to all ticket holders. Delegates can pre-book tickets via the OFC website or if you already have a conference ticket, via Eventbrite. BASF will also welcome anyone who turns up on the day, (subject to space) with breakfast and a free t-shirt.