BASF launches new late blight fungicide at British Potato 2023

13 Nov 2023

BASF launches a new fungicide, Privest®, at British Potato 2023. Designed to control late blight, Privest® has a unique mode of action with ametoctradin combined with potassium phosphonates which primes the plant’s natural defence mechanisms. It gives growers much-needed choice and flexibility within their blight programmes.

“Late blight remains a significant challenge for farmers, and the need for effective solutions has never been more urgent,” says Matthew Goodson, BASF Specialities Market Manager. “Privest, is the first of a new generation of plant protection products that combines two distinct active ingredients using cutting-edge Syn-Tech formulation technology. This synergistic effect provides exceptional control of late blight and offers multiple modes of action to reduce the risk of resistance development.”

Ametoctradin, is uniquely classified under the QoSI chemistry group, setting it apart from all other actives, including traditional CAA and QiI chemistry options. As a result, Privest® is in a league of its own.

“It is introducing much-needed variety to blight control programmes which is essential both for mitigating the risk of resistance development and efficacy,” adds Matthew.

Paul Goddard, BASF Specialities Business Development Manager, agrees: “This new product is best used early in the blight season with its non-clashing systemic activity, ‘freeing up’ slots that can be used elsewhere in the programme. It allows growers to use other active ingredients where they work best, resulting in a healthier, more productive and profitable crop.

“The recent emergence of late blight strain EU 43_A1 with resistance to CAA chemistry and limitations imposed on CAA chemistry by the FRAC serve as stark reminders of how swiftly disease evolution can impact crop protection. That’s why the introduction of new, effective non-clashing chemistry, like Privest, is so essential.”

Over three years, in both SRUC and Eurofins trials, Privest® consistently performed extremely well against ‘top draw’ standard products. Looking to the future, with climate change creating more favourable conditions for late blight development in the UK, Privest® is positioned as an indispensable tool in crop defence. Its innovative approach and multiple modes of action make it a promising ally in the ongoing battle against late blight.